BDSM is captivating (yes, that pun is intended). I am drawn to the paradox of pain as pleasure and submission as freedom. Power exchange is fascinating. There are so many things I can do to control a submissive. It’s important to note that submission and humiliation don’t automatically have to go together, but for certain submissives, this combination is very powerful.

The tools of power exchange games

I am genuinely curious about you. Your erotic fantasies might bring us together initially, but I have long term relationships where we are more than our mutual kinks. Case in point: check out this email from Palmer:
“I have been talking to Olivia for years now.  We are friends — we discuss politics, movies, and the ups and downs of life.   She is profane, funny, and caring.”
The topics Palmer mentions aren’t related to power exchange or his fetish but I remember everything we talk about. There are no “idle conversations” with me. I use everything to deepen our relationship, and then, when the time is right, I lull you into complacency to set you up. Abruptly switching topics allows me to find out all your naughty little secrets. Palmer knows all about this:
“She knows a secret about me — my fascination with the idea of sucking a trans woman’s cock, but only if Olivia talks me into it.
He’s right — I know ALL his secrets and use every single thing I know. Palmer continues:
“So our conversations proceed along, touching on the weather, or baseball, or pets . . . until Olivia brings up my little problem.  I almost don’t want her to, but she always does.”

submission and humiliationSubmission and humiliation by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Is submission always humiliating? No but the combo is so much fucking fun! It’s the PB&J of kink—a natural fit! From walking fido to face fucking, from career to cock. I wrap you around my little finger, pull your strings, and make you dance like the horny lil puppet you are. I love this description of how I use my Mistress voice:
“Her tone changes as she raises the issue — slightly lower, and scarily business-like.  My mouth goes dry, I feel my heart in my chest, and the bottom drops out of my stomach.
She makes me confess. She insists that I say it all out loud: exactly what I want, and what I want her role to be. Then she is all practicality:  here’s what I need to do to please her; here are the concrete steps I will take, here are milestones and deliverables.  She reassures me that I can do it, that I will do it, and that she will support me all the way.”

Make your Mistress happy and proud

I like planning. Someone told me I would make an excellent project planner. In my pre phone sex life, I was in charge of various projects where I would plan, execute, and review measurable outcomes all with a focus on achieving goals. I bring that skillset into my Femdom life. When I started talking to Palmer about measurable goals, a mix of rewards and punishments and due dates suddenly his fantasy was becoming real. That is powerful! He describes his reactions and feelings:
I fall into a fog of submission and humiliation.  I desperately want to make Olivia happy.  What gets me most is the REALITY of the plan  — the idea that I am really, finally going to do it for her, that it is inevitable, that the fateful moment will finally arrive. . .
There is no end to it — until I do the deed — so I hang up in a state of tension and lust.   I work on my assignments, send Olivia emails, re-read her blog, listen to her podcast, then I set up another call.
I just adore Olivia.

Are you ready to submit?

Have you ever experienced that fog of submission? What happened? Did the scene involve humiliation or a mindfuck? I want to know everything!  Leave a comment. Obey.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia