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This is part of the series of Winter Fest blogs all around the Empire. By the way, if you haven’t taken a tour of LDW Group phone sex sites then you’re missing out on all kinds of sexy stuff – here a quick link that gets your started on our free phone sex guide.

Don’t miss Mistress naughtiness for the holiday season

Winter Fest starts with Ms Kay Marie who takes you walkin in a kinky wonderland.

Then, some wicked tease and denial with Jingle Balls from Ms Tabetha.

Mistress and the holiday

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Sometimes I get a song stuck in my head. Right now, it’s the 12 days of Christmas. Since I don’t care about French hens, I’ve changed the words to French maids … which, of course morphed into sissy maids. ~laughs~ Are you following the reasoning?

Sissy training school

These three sissies live in Sissy School. They have a fabulous sissy bedroom they share. Lots of lace and ruffles …. Cute furniture to hold all their sissy accessories and outfits. Ms Delia says every sissy needs at least one sissy accessory and I agree.

Open your sissy purse and get out your sissy lipstick

You might be in the sissy cum eating phase of your sissy training. You might be in the lady in waiting phase as you serve your Mistress in that cute French maid outfit. You might have other …. Ahem … sissy duties.

In our kinky wonderland, what happens to the three French maids? You might be an inspirational as the song in my head, so let your fingers do the walking and leave a comment ….. tsk tsk sissy, fingers on the KEYBOARD not your panties! ~luaghs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia