the ladies see your hard-on

Listen to me talk about your hard-on and how your body betrays your arousal.

Somone recently asked if I enjoy being a cock tease. I said, ” I love to tease and flirt.  It’s deliberate because I like to see your hard-on.  That tent in your pants lets me know that you are under my cock control.”   I often will push things because it’s fun to be an extreme cock tease.  This is sport for a sexy woman.

I used to think chastity is the ultimate submission, Then, a long time friend pointed out a different view.

Your erection, my next move

Yep, I see him squirming and trying to discreetly adjust that erection. ~laughs~  He knows what comes next:

“The next question is whether she will ignore that signal, and him, or will she want to experiment with this new found power she has over this male, flirt with him, and see if she can make things HARDER for him!

“Or maybe she isn’t a stranger to him, but someone he knows who, say for example, has just be playfully sat on his lap and has become all too aware of what is happening under her ass?

“Either way there will come a moment when it crosses his mind he might have to explain his horny, denied predicament, as to why he just isn’t able to control his erection around her.”

Horny and denied

Being a woman in charge, a Femdom, a Dominatrix, or a Domme is fun but this teasetoy is so right, the real power of a sexy woman isn’t tied to clothes, implements or yelling harsh words.  He points out the truth:

“Now, any woman likes to be found sexy and attractive and, armed with the knowledge of how helpless and vulnerable this man is to the power of her sexuality, would any woman not be tempted to get at least the odd ‘rise’ out of him? And is this really information that she would just keep to herself, and not share with any of her female friends?”

Showing my friends the teasetoy tent!

~laughs~  Keep your predicament to myself?  Mmmmmmm, hardly!  You’re coming to our girls night out and we’re going to REALLY have some fun with you!  Awwww, honey, you might want to adjust that … ~gazes down and smiles~.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia