Cum eating instructions

Listen to me read you this blog post in this Experienced Mistress audio.

I know a lot of you call phone sex for cum eating instructions.  Take a look at this blog post about how to get the best Femdom fetish phone sex.

One main point of that blog is that, with phone sex, you can honestly say what turns you on.  You can, but don’t have to be, coy, shy or anxious with me.

I think this is one of the main differences between your real life partner, girlfriend or wife and a Mistress.  One observation specific to cum eating: there are a lot of women who think cum eating is gross.

Phone sex difference

One of the reasons why we are the elite phone sex service is that the Mistresses here love kinky play.  If a woman doesn’t love a particular fetish, then she makes sure to get you with a Mistress that does.  This way YOU and she both have lots of naughty fun on the call.

Why is CEI such a turn on?

Here’s the caller comment and question that is inspiration for this blog post:

“I wanna cum on my GFs tits and lick it off..she may not be down with such.  Sissies, wearing silk panties and wanting to be dominated are things that I think about.  This is all new, exciting and a little unnerving when I stop and think about it..why now?  Why this?  You’re the experienced one. What are your thoughts?”

The short answer is that no one really knows WHY something is a turn on. Maybe it’s a turn on for evolutionary reasons.  Maybe there’s an event in your formative years that you remember … fondly!  My personal favorite … IT JUST FEELS GOOD!  ~laughs~  CEI is a great way to dominate you!  My advice, be cautious about telling your GF but when you call this Mistress, know that I will tell you to lick up every sissy squirty drop!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia