Do you want to experience even more submission to Mistress?

There are lots of ways to get into sub space.  I believe you give ME your gift of submission and I treasure that and you.

Kink, fetish and the surprise of intimacy

Your connection to your Mistress is about kinky intimacy.  Just because it’s fetish play doesn’t mean it’s somehow less sensual, in fact, in my experience, kink relationships end up being closer because there must be direct and honest conversations.  The erotic audios of my Experienced Mistress blog posts let you know I AM direct with my communication style.

Chastity and submissive desires

Your submission makes your Mistress experience her Femdom side of the equation. My side of sub space — Domme space — is absolutely THRILLING to me — this stimulates me sexually, psychologically and intellectually.

Remember you are unique and you deserve a unique relationship with your Mistress. I think chastity and submission go together for many people as this submissive is finding out:

“There’s something about being locked up that I love. I’m still exploring my feelings on this. I know that does not compare to handing the key to a dominant woman who enjoys being a key holder. My theory is that by doing what I do now, I’ll be ready if/when I’m lucky enough to meet Her.”

Ways to do Distance Domination and chastity keyholding

There are many ways to do chastity.  Like I said, you are unique and you have individual circumstances.  As a keyholde,r I create a chastity program that meets both our needs and desires. Our initial conversations will include my questions about your experience level and whether you are a chastity candidate for my Mistress style.  

Choosing a chastity pet

If I choose you as my submissive — ahhhhhh, then the fun really begins!  I take control and you will ….. mmmmmmm …. what WILL you do … you know the first step, don’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia