Cuckold feelings

Listen to me read you this cuckold blog post.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve posted compassionate posts about the poor guys who are under endowed.  By that I mean the guy with a small penis and therefore on the losing end of the sexual side of life.

I’m here to tell you that penis size matters!  Life is very different for a man with a big cock.  I could be callous and say, pin dicks lose out (and you do) but I also know it’s not easy to be a cuckold.

One caller posted a thoughtful blog comment about this and I want to highlight it on my blog:

“If I might, respectfully, I’d suggest that cuckolds do indeed have feelings. A confused constellation of feelings swirling around making rational judgment pretty much impossible. Guilt and shame for sure. But also excitement and arrousal. A masochistic level of self-pity and loathing cloaked in denial for many. Envy and jealousy. Anger and impotence.. Hopelessness and longing. A sense that life is so unfair. Sexual frustration …

A tangled web of feelings.”

He cares for his hot wife

If the small penis guy cares for his partner (and he does) he knows the solution … his hot wife fucks a superior cock that means she takes a lover or lovers. He does this because he cares for her, in the words of a cuck.

“Then there is the love they feel for their unfortunate partner. The internal conflict between wanting to be everything for them in bed yet knowing they will never be. The conflict between what they always thought a man should be and who they really are. The longing for her touch while knowing she longs for someone better. Quiet desperation. The desperation of pretending to be something they know they can never be.

More feelings. Yes, cucks have plenty of feelings.”

Lets talk about all this!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia