The Mistress and The Decision

Olivia Witt knows her tribe – the risk takers.  She thinks of people as land lovers or sailors.  Sailors leave the safety of the shore – casting off from security in search of the unknown.

That adventurous spirit can sometimes sound more glamorous than it is.  The reality of the drama of the unknown is challenging but it’s never dull.   I’m the master of turning mistakes into opportunities.  No wait, she laughs silently, I’m the Mistress.  As her car turns right on 18th St to avoid Dupont Circle, her thoughts continue, that wealth of experiences from taking risks really does make me the Experienced Mistress.

“Just cut over on R and drop me off at the Chest,” she says leaning forward to speak to her driver.  “It’s beautiful out; take the rest of the day off.” 

“Want me to come back and pick you up Miz?” the driver asks as he glides to a stop at R and Connecticut and then quickly walks back to open her door.

“Nope, I’m good.  I’ll walk home from here.” Her long legs slide out of the car.  “It’s a great day; go enjoy it.”  She slides her coat off her slim frame and hands it to the driver.  “Please just drop this off first.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Six pm pickup right?”

“Yep!  Game time 7:05.  See you tomorrow and thanks.”

She turns and walks the few steps back to Connecticut Avenue.   A full smile dances across her face as she stops to look down into the plate-glass window display of The Pleasure Chest.  A mannequin torso with black leather chest bondage is the centerpiece.  A lighted heavy glass container displays anal toys like stems of flowers.  Hmmmm, that’s a nice touch, she thinks stepping down into the basement doorway, classy but naughty at the same time.  I like it.

Inside, she pauses a moment to get a visceral sense of the place.  The music, Sexy Boy by Air, is just the right mix of intensity with a pop beat.  Not her private musical taste but great for scene play.

 The store is empty except for the slim man over by the fetish clothing.  He looks decidedly uncomfortable, his longish auburn hair hanging down, slightly covering his face.  A deep blush moves up his face as she walks closer. 

“You’re not at Witt’s End but this is a good place for your next level of your submission” her low throaty voice reaches out to him across the dimly lit room.  “If you are ready I will challenge you, guide you, shape you and, yes, do very naughty things to you. If you are worthy, you will experience life at Witt’s End.  Remember what I told you at the beginning of your yearning for and exploration of your submissive side: you can only get to Witt’s End when you are at your wit’s end.”

By now, he has turned around, facing her, legs apart, head lowered, hands clasped in front of the unmistakable bulge in his pants.  She sees his Adam’s apple working as he dry swallows and tries to speak.

“I see you are letting your hair grow as I instructed.  That’s very good.  Any problems at work about that?” she asks, knowing he is the night desk clerk at the Hay Adams.  It’s a conservative hotel, and its position right across from the White House makes his job high profile.  She doesn’t want any of her instructions to hurt his real life; she knows the value of being discrete about kinks in this very kinky town.

She pauses to give him a chance to answer.  He soft voice says, firmly, “No Mistress, work is fine.”

“Good” she says firmly.   “Today we begin the next phase of your training.  Are you ready?”

She is now standing right in front of him, gently reaching down and undoing his clenched hands, putting the palms at his sides.  He’s still looking down, his thumbs making jerky movements against his thighs, the wet spot expanding on the front of his pants.  Her hand reaches between his thighs and begin to squeeze.  His eyes close and his head tilts back involuntarily as a low moaning sound escapes his dry lips.

She alternately squeezes and strokes him through his pants. “Did you want to touch that?  Did Mistress say you could?” she gives a slight tug and feels the shudder in his whole body.

“Nuh, nuh, noooooo Mistress,” he gasps, hips thrusting forward.

“Who owns that cock?” she asks in a firm tone.

“Yuh, yuh, you do Mistress,” he gasps out.

“Good,” she says and takes her fingers away from his crotch.  Her hand moves up his body, fingernails lightly brushing on the fabric of his clothes.  She traces down his cheekbone until she cups under his chin and lifts his gaze up to hers. 

“Life is all about choices,” she says looking into his eyes, “You always have a choice – not making a choice is, in itself, a choice.”

He shifts slightly from side to side as her hand leaves his face, sliding inside her handbag and withdrawing a pair of handcuffs.  As she snaps the cool metal around one wrist, she smiles at his gasp.  “Come with me,” she says, turning to the door in the corner that says Private.  “We will begin here.”

The next day, right at 6 pm, she opens the door to her townhouse just down from the Soviet Safeway at 17th and Corcoran.  It’s called the Soviet Safeway because it’s so small it doesn’t have much selection and the clerks are fairly snippy. 

As she gets in the car, she thinks again about how much likes the distinctive and quirky vibe of her city neighborhood.  She likes baseball even more and she’s on her way to see the Nationals play her beloved New York Mets. 

The Nats are one of the best teams in the National League East this year.  The Mets are a young team, looking to rebuild.  She hopes it will be a good year, but she wouldn’t be surprised to see that strong start come crashing down.  When you’re a true fan, you stick with your team through the good times and bad.  Even in a bad season, there are moments that capture your heart.  She’s proudly wearing her Johan Santana jersey in honor of the only no hitter in Mets history. 

At the stadium, she looks around at the sea of bright red Washington National’s jerseys.  I’m outnumbered but that’s not unusual.  She lives by the quote, “Well behaved women seldom make history.”   Santana will go down in Mets history even though that shoulder tear will keep him out for the entire season and possibly end his career.  That $25.5 million won’t hurt for the final year of a contract where he won’t even pitch.

The man from the train is also at the Nationals Park, also rooting for the Mets even though he’s with work friends from DC.  He’s not showy about his team choice.  He doesn’t wear his heart on his chest.  He’s the guy who looks like he goes along with the crowd.  But, in private he will show his true colors and today, those true colors are orange and blue.

It’s a close game; he looks up at the fancam.  And he sees her.  It’s the woman from the train!  He’d recognize that face anywhere.  He dreamed about her last night.  In his dream he didn’t make the choice to look at his presentation.  In his fantasies, he doesn’t miss his chance to meet her.  In his daydreams he takes risks that he doesn’t in his real life.  Now, he has a choice again.  Will he leave the security of what he knows and keep her as a fantasy or will he choose to take the risk to live out that fantasy.

Once again, he’s not conscious of making a choice, but this time he takes a profoundly different action.  He wrestles the binoculars from the man sitting next to him and begins to search the crowd over by each camera station. 

Ever since that missed connection, he’s been dreaming about her.  Is that her in the aisle seat, first base side, half way up…. that one dot of blue amongst the red.  She has a 57 on her jersey!  She’s a Mets fan! Then a fan finger obscures her face and the word Mets, emblazoned in blue across an orange background, fills the field of view. 

I’m over by third, he thinks, If I run ….

In the bottom of the 9th in a close game people stay in their seats but he jumps up, surprising his friends.  “I’ve got to go.  I see someone…. I have to…” He sputters as he begins crawling over legs making his way to the isle.  He ignores their protests.  He over his shoulder, “I’ll see you guys later.  Tomorrow.  Next time.  I’ve got to go.”  He’s causing a scene now and surprisingly he doesn’t care.  He has to catch up to her this time.

He’s charging up the stairs into the concourse as a roar goes up in the stadium.  Game over and fans begin hustling out of the stadium.  He takes a guess at the row and goes pushes the exciting crowd aside.  He doesn’t see her anywhere.  As the fans empty from that section, he walks down the aisle looking, searching for anything.  He spots the blue plush finger with the Mets logo on it on the floor by an aisle seat and he stumbles down the stairs to pick it up.  He looks at the other debris on the ground around it and sees a crumpled post it note.  As he unfolds the paper his heart speeds up as he reads, The Crucible, Friday, open play 11pm.