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Do YOU have wicked thoughts?

I’m asking because Ms Andi and I are reading the book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogas and Gaddam.  I picked up the book in NYC at the Museum of Sex and read it on the train back home.  It’s fascinating!  The authors are neuroscientists who examined the web as a way to see secret human sexual behavior.  It’s ingenious really.

Princess Andi is Sexy AND Smart

Ms Andi is one of My favorite people!  She’s flirty, fun, sexy and WICKED!  ~laughs~  One of My favorite Ms Andi stories is about how creative she is.  If you’re a fan of the tiny man tormented by Giant Women (and even if you’re not a Giantess fan) you can’t help but laugh at this hysterical tiny man torment erotic audio.  Would THIS sort of fantasy qualify for the wicked thoughts?  I think so!  THIS is part of what the researchers are looking for when they looked for patterns of human arousal on the web.

Wicked Thoughts poll on Enchantrix Empire.

I did a poll about this on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  As many of you know, I use polls to get the conversation going and the real action happens in the comments to the poll.  Andy had this to say:

The idea of using the interwebs to research human sexuality is inspired- porn is part of the basic foundation of the interwebs.

There could be selection effects: Vanilla sex & porn is available everywhere (with some effort/cost). People will often turn to the interweb for the niche stuff, like telekinetic futa dommes, which don’t pop up in the general culture all that often.

OTOH, there is a liberating honesty beneath the presumed anonymity of cyber space. I can be open and honest about my kinks and fetishes on sites like EE and FetLife, whereas openly discussing them IRL would put my life in serious jeopardy.

Sissyschool is in the book!

On a personal note, it was such a surprise (and a good one) to be reading along and find our own sissy school in the text!  ~smiles~  WOW, small world, right?

How wicked are your thoughts?

Ms Andi and I are reading the book and you will find us talking about this in various places.  On our blogs, twitter and EE.  You can join the conversation in any way you like with or without reading the book.  You’re already on My blog so just post comments here.  My twitter is MistressOlivia1.  Ms Andi is EmpressAndi on Twitter.  Join in and answer this question first:  How wicked are YOUR thoughts?  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia