How does feminization change you?

*** Listen to this Mistress Olivia audio about feminization ***

There are the obvious ways that feminization changes you.  This can mean everything from the lingerie and clothing you wear, your makeup, your hair, accessories and jewelery.  The outer self is always more “seen” than what’s going on in the interior — which is possibly more subtle but every bit as powerful!  Even if you can’t physically DRESS en femme, a feminization roleplay is a beautiful way to experience your feminine side.

Chastity and feminization

Oh sure, sometimes a girly girl thinks she wants to do something else.  Tsk Tsk.  Mistress knows best and if I say you need to be in lingerie, then that’s what will happen.  After all, if I put you in chastity then I know you will be more submissive and even more compliant.

Feminized sissy

The outer view is perhaps even more extreme with sissy training because sissy outfits tend to be more flamoyant. Most girly girls I know who identify as a sissy are into the sissy slut, sissy maid or otherwise naughty sissy outfits.

One girly girl talks about her journey

She is submissive and explores anything and everything with Mistress – she says,

“Has it (feminized by Mistress) changed my sexual perspective or orientation? Perhaps it has… I am more open to all the possibilities it brings and have tried to curb if not eliminate my former male ego. I feel it makes me a better submissive and also much more open and excepting of the myriad of sexual lifestyles and choices people make as i too am on such a journey.”

Are you ready for your journey?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia