Are you a sissy?

Listen to my voice tell you about this sissy journey.

There are lots of blogs about being a sissy. Think of all the fetish, kink and porn sites aimed at those who idenfity as a sissy.

Porn sites are designed to fit people into fetish boxes.  That doesn’t do any good for the person who doesn’t know exactly what to CALL himself/herself. After all, when you like to wear women’s lingerie, it’s not “one size fits all.”  I also caution people to view porn with a grain of salt — porn is hot and is not real.

You might not know you’re a sissy.

Do you love panties?  Does lingerie make your heart race and your skin tingle?  You might or might not be a sissy — that’s why it’s important to talk with a Mistresss who has experience with feminization and sissification.  This girly girl found that out after instructions from her Mistress:

“It is hard to say when I found out I was a sissy because i didn’t always associate with that word.

I wore my sisters panties. I saw a Mistress in college.  I have seen TS lovers.

I began to recognize myself as a sissy came around the time of my first wig purchase and a trip out of town.”

Mistress instructions help you discover who you are

I get to know each caller.  I will often get an intuitive sense of where to push you and how to test out where I think you should explore.  I will generally give you instructions to find out if I’m right.  Here’s one example from this sissy:

I was instructed by Mistress Olivia to get a full female make over at a Mac store. I entered as a man with a wig and some clothes in a bag. I sat in the chair explained what I was looking for and the artist was happy to help. She made me look beautiful and told me a couple places to go where I could have some fun and feel comfortable.

I looked deep into my eyes when I was a in full make up and had the wig on. I was beautiful and felt it in the pit of my stomach. That was a moment of self recognition that I am a sissy.”

What feminization instructions will I give you?

Mmmmm, it depends on what we talk about.  So, let’s talk and you can find out.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia