I love a good story and when it’s also a funny story you have my total attention!  I’ve been reading some of the vanilla media coverage of this month.  One blog post made me laugh with a story about someone who was caught masturbating and told, it’ll make you go blind — to which the masturbator replied, “hey, I’m over here.”  hahahhahahhaha  We all know masturbation is good for you.

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stroke your way to good health

You don’t go blind but you can suffer from stroking boredom.  There is a cure for boring wanking.  There are lot of ways to spice up your masturbation.  A skilled Masturbatrix can help!  One of my favorite playmates is Ms Christine who is hosting a Masturbation May stroking contest.

Ms Christine and Ms Olivia

Ms Christine and I were talking about our favorite  Month recently and I asked her for some of her favorite quotes.  Here you go!

Ms Christine says:  “Masturbation is our first and most natural form of sexuality.”  We both know it’s fun to masturbate alone and it’s even more fun with some hot mutual masturbation.  Here’s what Ms Christine has to say about that:  Masturbation is a private thing by nature, so by sharing it, you really grow close to your partner (or Mistress).”

Since I started out with a funny story, I’ll leave you with this thought from Ms Christine that made me laugh!  She said, “If no one knows you’re being sarcastic, then it isn’t sarcasm, it’s masturbation 😉”  tee hee  Go ahead on Christine, good one!

Do YOU have a funny story, great quote or thought that you would like to share?

Ms Olivia