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Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Have you recovered from the Holidays?  Are you ready with your resolutions?  ~laughs~  Maybe you’re just tired of the hoopla and need to blow off some …. ahem …. steam!  ~grinz~

THREE DAYS of extended login hours!

Jan 1st, 2nd and 3rd I’ll be on extended login hours for your cock stroking pleasure!  Be sure to catch Me during this time and we can play!  What can we DO?  Why virtually anything your …. ahem … heart desires.  ~smiles~

Cock Strokers

Cock strokers can make some delightful resolutions!

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

To help with your training, look for Ms Olivia’s Cock Stroker Academy!

You can resolve to increase the amount of time you can edge  before orgasm.  This is the sort of workout program that I think you’ll really like.  After all, when the Experienced Mistress has the cock control then you will have creative masturbation!  Starting Saturday look for stroker Saturdays and find out ALL about Ms Olivia’s Cock Stroker Academy!

Longest Orgasm Edging Call

What is the longest you’ve ever edged?  Some of My long calls are about lots of topics other than sex.  BUT, of the calls where it was mostly about edging, what’s the LONGEST TIME a caller edged for Mistress?  Hmmmm?  I’d like you to guess and post your guesses in the comments section.

Femdom Mistress Wants You to Serve

Some of you will want to explore your ability to serve Mistress in this New Year.  What does it mean to YOU to please your Mistress?  Tell Me all about it in the comments!  Will you stroke My legs in the lovely nylons?  Will you be My foot slave?  Will you be My sissy maid?  Will you be My delightful and very willing chastity slave?  Can Mistress do all sorts of wicked things to you?  Look for Wicked Wednesdays with special features from this Mistress who does kink play in real life!

Crossdressers and Girl Talk

My special girls will want to reconnect with your femme side.  Especially because some of you will have been in male persona all through the holiday’s and you will need some girl talk!  When the Experienced Mistress begins your feminization, you’ll being to feel like the total YOU again!  Look for Femme Fridays and blog posts talking about some of the things that matter most to you!

What do YOU want in the New Year?

Do tell!  Do you have any sexual resolutions or goals?  Are there kinky new things that you resolve to TRY this year?  *wink*  I’m curious about you.  Post in the comments section and tell Me all about it!

Ms Olivia