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Some of you are TRAPPED, I say, TRAPPED in the polar vortex!

Awwwww………how about I heat you up with a little Valentine’s Day lovin’ …. ?

It’s always nice and usually VERY naughty here so let’s just snuggle up on the phone with one another and explore everything your heart and body wants to experience!

Many flavors of the Experienced Mistress.

Vanilla Sex

If you want a sweet, sensual tease with a free erotic audio … check out this Happy Valentine’s Day post on my vanilla tease site.


Are you a crossdresser?  There’s no way I’d forget you on this very important and feminine holiday!  To all my crossdressers, sissies and T-girls here’s ~lipstick kisses~ and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


Want your romance with a bit more bite?  Check this out!  Ms Olivia says, “Under my thumb and under my wing.

Erotic Humiliation

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Awwww, are you going to be all alone on Valentine’s Day because you have a small dick?  ~laughs~  Well, don’t worry — I will send you shopping and more with this condom humiliation assignment.

Cum Eating

Haven’t worked up the nerve to eat your own cum?  Or, maybe you’re already a dedicated cum eater and you want to show just how naughty you can be …. check out your personal Cum Coaches who will make you take that cum load on www.coachedtoeatcum.com.

Looking for the Cock Stroker Academy weekly assignment and the link to my password protected special erotic photos?  Just click back for the previous post and you’ll read all about it!

ENJOY and stay warm …. if you really want to heat it up then you can always be MY personal, private Valentine!  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia