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Chronic masturbator, guess what?  YOU are the winner of the Cookie Jar Challenge!  You win with your lovely long and descriptive comment of your masturbation habits.  I love that you know the term Masturbatrix.  And, it sounds like you are perfectly aware of how important it is to choose the right phone sex Mistress when you want the perfect type of cock control.  Send Me an email and I’ll let you inside Olivia’s Cookie Jar! 🙂  Just send your email to olivia AT

By the way Alice Wonder and Forrest Hicks got VERY close to winning!  Thank you to everyone who is playing!

THIS Week’s Cookie Jar Challenge Involves Male Submission

The Cookie Jar Challenge questions are below.  Answer and and all.  Comments posted Monday/Tuesday are double points.  Wednesday and Thrusday regular value points.  Friday postings have a half point value.  One hundred words equals one point.

So, this week, it’s really anything you’d like to say about male submission.  This was inspired by a phone sex caller who also goes on cam.  We’ve done a variety of sessions and I was his introduction to the delicious world of phone sex.

He’s a naughty slut and willing to do and try all sorts of things for his Mistress.  Since I am The Experienced Mistress I have lots sexy humiliation assignments for him to do.

Male Submissive and Loving It

For someone new to male submission or for someone who already loves a great pair of legs … stimulating that leg fetish by combining it with male submission is delightful erotic torture!

This particular caller loves erotic humiliation!

Mistress Dominates Her New Submissive

During an especially naughty session I felt he was ready for new sexual adventures.  I combined the thrill of doing his assignments on cam and performing for Mistress with an extra demand.  As he was beginning to orgasm, I ordered him to hold his hand up and lick his own cum!  And, he did it!

His Reaction to Mistress Olivia

Later he told Me that he had never been able to eat his own cum before but he was so aroused during the call that he just obeyed the sound of My voice!  He was thrilled and embarrassed at the same time!  Here’s what he had to say:

First time cum eater:  “I want to do any task that she asks for. I want to please my mistress in any way so she has 100% satisfaction. I get to be humiliated and tortured for her amusement. It should be a win win for the both us. Olivia is very persuasive and pushes your limits to the next level.”

What do you think your next sexual adventure will be?

What is YOUR next level?  Is it deeper submission?  Another fantasy?  Another fetish? A call with two Mistresses, like Me and the sensual Ms Violet ~smiles~.

Ms Olivia

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