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Hot or not?

If you’re curious (or know you like) anal play – does that mean you’re gay?  A married man called this Experienced Mistress to ask if this secret desire means he’s gay.

He won’t talk about his fantasies with his wife and he called phone sex because he wanted to have a real conversation about his erotic fantasies.  I actually did a blog post about sex secrets — be sure to read the comments!  I reassured him that everyone has sex secrets and he’s not alone is trying to figure out if he wants anal play or prostate milking.

Ass play feels great

Here’s the bottom line about your bottom:  anal play feels amazing.  Honestly though, whether you’re up for a gentle probing of your anal ring or a hard strap on fucking, it all depends on if the thought of ass play feels good — it’s like an exotic food, you either love it or hate it, there’s not a lot of inbetween.  Touch your ass pucker and if it feels good then you are ready for more prostate stimulation and/or fucking hot bouncing on a dildo.

Submission and anal play

Anal play can also be part of being a submissive.  Again, this doesn’t have anything to do with being gay.  Does it thrill you to think of Mistress saying, “You’re going to be MY bitch — bend over while I fuck your tight ass!”?  If you got a tingle on that line …. ohhhhh, then you DO want to explore more.  Strap on play and pegging can be part of an amazing Femdom scene.

Answer to his question about anal sex and being gay

There will be no simple answer here.  Many men are turned on by things they would never want to do in real life.  A healthy fantasy life is healthy!  Whether or not he IS gay will need a longer conversation because there are so many nuances to sexuality.  Want to explore kinky fetish play, anal sex and YOUR erotic fantasy life?  You know what to do.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia