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Hello!  This post is to give you a heads up that I will be AWAY Thursday May 9th – Monday May 13th.  You can see My time off on My schedule page.

Offline During My Time Off

I’ll be offline and away from the computer during this time…..BUT, I’ll return to your calls, blog comments, emails, tweets, Enchantrix Empire comments and IMs when I log back in on Tuesday May 14th.  I will have some VERY naughty stories, so feel free to ask about this naughty time off!

In the meantime……

WHAT will you be doing?

~grinz~   I thought so!

Erotic Audios from Ms Olivia

If you want to have Me whispering in your ear while I’m away, you might want to take a peek at some of My Exclusive Erotic Audios.

For those of you who enjoy Mistress domination there is a ‘pet bundle’ about a journey of submission.  Each audio is a stand alone erotic story or the bundle takes you on a journey of submission.

Part 1- Olivia’s pet:  audio sample

Part 2- Olivia’s pet gets a lesson in strap-on play and learns to suck for Mistress:  audio sample

Part 3- Olivia’s pet goes deeper into submission, tasting his pre-cum in preparation for MORE:  audio sample

Part 4- Olivia’s pet experiences Mistress’ control as he is told to eat his own cum:  audio sample

Part 5- Olivia’s pet is willing to do anything for Mistress. Pet sucks a dildo while taking another up the ass while Mistress shows Her approval of pet’s submission:  audio sample

I’ll *see* all of you in several days.  I would say, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….but….erm….that tends to cut a pretty wide path!  ~laughs~  Be safe, sane and consensual…..and then, ENJOY!

Ms Olivia