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WOW, I just had the most amazing cock control training program with a delightful new stroker into pain play.  *swoons*  YUMMY!  For those of us into pain play and the more kinkier fetish BDsm things … enjoy my blog post about fetish scene negotiations on The Pain Mistress.

Vanilla sex

Did you know that I love vanilla sex?  ~smiles~  I do!  The sensuality of it all simply delights me and if you like that too you might enjoy the softer side of Olivia, check out vanilla tease and GFE relationships on phone sex.


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Now, for a look behind the scenes of my day.

I get an email from a girlfriend of mine who says there’s SNOW expected where she is.  I fire back an email asking, “Did the news tell you to stock up on bread and milk?”  Then I pointed out a pet peeve of mine.  “Honestly, if you’re stranded in a snow storm do you really WANT bread and milk?  pffffftttt!”

She just sent me the BEST email!  She said of course not…..let’s get slingback high heels!  ~laughs~  Ohhhhhhh Maddie!  ~giggles~  YEAH GIRL, now that’s the kind of shopping that I like … snow storm or NOT!  Of course, it’s also wonderful to curl up and have some girly masturbation (will you be wearing your sling back stilettos?)


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