CEI cum eating instructions

Here’s an audio all about success from cum eating instructions and cum coaching.

I am so proud when someone comes to me for help eating cum.  This is one of my favorite kinks and I thoroughly enjoy helping you live out your sexy fantasy!  Here’s an interview with someone who now LOVES to eat cum!

Ms Olivia: “How would you describe your abilities when you first started?”

Cum Eater: “Absolute beginner.”

Ms Olivia: “Nods.  And what were some of the biggest stumbling blocks?”

Cum Eater:  “I had the usual troubles – loosing the desire to eat it, doing it on my own.”


When I help you with your cum education, I often start with cum eating instructions.  Sometimes the CEI will be something that might not even have anything to do with cum eating.   I will work with you to identify your … ahem … roadblocks and then eliminate all that keeps your from being a successful cum guzzler.

Lots of people want to eat cum

Often, there will be comfort in numbers or an ability to over “cum” whatever stops you from fulfilling your naughty desires.

Cum eater: “Once I got over the cum taste and the mental block of eating it it moved dramatically. Also, finding out that there is a lots of guys with that kink.  Now, I just love eating my cum for you so much.”

Expand your kink

When you’re ready to expand your naughty kinks and explore new sexy fantasies, you know what to do.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia