Are you a sissy who loves to dress?

Listen to me read you this blog about being a sissy.sissy question for Experienced Mistress

I love holidays.  I think the BEST holiday for a sissy is Haloween.  Think about it — all sorts of vanilla women dress as sluts and guys who want to wear lingerie or dress en femme get to be girly girls.  Best. Holiday. Ever!  And perfect for ANY sissy.

Sissification and your Mistress

Any kind of feminization is special for a Mistress — I think it’s an honor and a privelge to be in charge of creating a “look” for you and then helping you to be your en femme best (or worst if you’re into humiliation! ~laughs~)

LOVE this comment about the Haloween outfit

This special lil cupcake writes:

“The outfit was such a hit — and I added a little princess crown and wand so I could be a pretty little fairy princess! EmojiEmojiEmoji.  I also wore a blonde wig (hair down to my shoulders, loved that!),  some fake nails painted bright red, and some pretty silver high heels!”

I’m telling you that princess had a SHORT skirt and just happened to lean over — a lot!

Oopsie.  Tee hee

Mmmmm, and then the self proclaimed faggot writes:

“It was such a great night, I got to be myself in front of everyone there, I just loved it!!!!”

What did you do that makes you feel special?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia