Woman in Charge

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There are so many terms for kink, fetish and BDsm.  Phone sex is is the perfect venue for fetish curiosity.  Some of the words look interchangeable but it’s important to take a moment to communicate exactly what those words mean to you … and to this Experienced Mistress.  I regularly post about my Mistress phone sex style.  We’ll start with Woman in Charge because this is the question that can be fraught with miscommunication.

Question about being Dominant

This blog is inspired by an email question from a new phone sex caller and friend.  Here’s what he wrote:

“What does “being in charge”, in a sexual situation mean to you?  How does that manifest? With what kind of feeling do you like being the dominant one?
        Why am I asking?  Because, though at times I like being dominant, too, I am usually most comfortable with the woman taking the lead.”
When I speak with a caller, taking the lead can mean many things.  It is my job to find out exactly what those terms mean to HIM since he is paying for the phone sex call.  Often it simply means he wants me to create the scene (fetish or vanilla) and then run the play.  OR it can mean that he’s interested in Female supremacy or BDsm Domme.  I always check with YOU to find out if you are kinky, submissive or having a naughty adventure.

Female Domination and Femdom

Personally, my kink continues to evolve and change.  I used to say I was a Dominant OR switch.  Now, I’m more into male submission or vanilla sexy on our phone calls.  I don’t tend to be in the role of female submissive because it’s just not where the sexy is for me these days.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia