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When did you start crossdressing and/or experiencing a need to be en femme?

There are many different *kinds* of crossdressers.  Your experience of being a man in panties is as unique as you are!  In fact, you might not even be a *man* no matter what is between your legs.  The Experienced Mistress knows the difference between a crossdresser, a sissy and a TV/TG girl.

I listen and learn who you really are

You are unique.  Your sexual fantasies are individual and personal. When we do a session I create an erotic fantasy that targets your own experiences and expressions of your desires.

If you simply like to wear sexy panties as Mistress control over a submissive male then there’s nothing worse (for you) then being called a sissy!  When you’re a sissy slut who yearns to be told to suck cock for Mistress, chances are you don’t want a lot of conversation about current lingerie fashions!  See what I mean?

Your first experiences tell Me a lot

When I ask you about your crossdressing history, it’s not idle conversation.  It’s a map of your erotic landscape.  I use what you say to push buttons and sexual triggers that you might not even think to articulate to Me.  How it all *started* tells Me a lot about you and what you *need* now.

pantyboy tells about the beginning

pantyboy:  “I first started wearing panties in college. I had messed around with panties and such before that, but it wasn’t until I had a long term girlfriend in college that I found myself doing it a lot. I loved buying lingerie for her, and she loved wearing it for me, many times I found myself sneaking them and wearing them from time to time.”

I’d like to hear from you.  How do you express your feminine and/or submissive side?

Ms Olivia

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