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What do you want to know about the Experienced Mistress?

I get lots of emails and IMs asking questions about various things.  Some questions are about Me:  what I like, what turns Me on, what kinks and fetishes I enjoy doing in a phone sex call, etc.  Other questions are specific to your interests.  Here’s your chance to ask your questions here in the blog comments and I’ll pick some of your questions to answer in upcoming blogs.  Here’s My Mistress Interview for your listening pleasure!

No Question is Off Limits

You can ASK it and I will choose whether to answer it.  I have very good personal boundaries!  ~smiles~  You probably already know that LDW Group has limits, there ARE things that we don’t talk about on calls if you have any questions about those limits, please send Me an email olivia AT and I’m more than happy to tell you the limits and your options.

Questions Inside of our Adult Social Network

If you haven’t joined our adult social network Enchantrix Empire then you’re missing out!  I regularly post on polls and love to get into discussions in the poll comments sections of My (and your) polls.  It’s free, fun and kinky … what more could you want?  ~grinz~

Real Life Fetish Experience

I’m about to have five years in the Femdom fetish phone sex world AND I have a wealth of real life kinky experiences.  What questions do YOU have about BDsm, D/s, kink or fetish?  What are you interested in or curious about?  I’ll answer your questions in the blog comments and I’m sure some of your questions will end up as blogs themselves.

Questions for You

I always have questions for you!  So, here are just some of My questions.  What do you, personally, love about domination phone sex?  Is it the cock control?  If so, tell Me why.  Is it exploring erotic role play and sexual scenes like coerced cum eating that you might not do in real life?  Is it the chance to talk with someone who understands your unique sexual fetish or erotic desires?  Or, maybe it’s the fact that I enjoy these kinky things WITH you!  Maybe it’s all of the above.  What do I always say?  It’s nuanced and individual!  So, tell Me about YOU!

Ms Olivia