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Busy Ms Olivia? How to schedule a phone sex callback

Have you set up a phone sex callback?phone sex style of Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me tell you about the phone sex callback feature.

I know that some of you get frustrated when I’m on the phone talking with someone else.  Here are some actions you can take to make sure we connect.  The best way to let me know you’re interested in a phone sex session is to send me an email.  My email is Olivia AT  I keep my email open, so this is the best way to get in touch.

Setting up a callback

Using our callback feature ensures that you will be next.  Simply call the Dispatcher and she will set that up.  She will let me know that you are next!  It’s that simple.  If you need more information and you don’t want to talk with a Dispatcher, reach out to our Live Help Desk.

Worth the wait – caller reaction

You can see when I’m available by refreshing my blog and checking the status button.  That does not always guarantee that you will get me on the phone.  If I don’t know you’re waiting, then you’re likely to miss me that’s why the callback is your solution.  This caller tried it out and voila!

“That’s what I did today. Well, first I kept refreshing her blog in my browser, saw available, but by time I clicked the click to call she was on a call again. I did the call back and it was definitely worth it. Dispatch gave me an estimate for how long I’d likely have to wait and it was accurate.”

Reach out on Skype

I love connecting on Skype.  My Skype is:  Olivia.800.356.6169.  You can IM with me to see if I’m available for your session.  I’ll quickly tell you if I’m already in a session and give you my best estimate for when I’ll be avaialble.  Remember, this will be quick because I will always give my attention to the session I’m already doing.  Here’s why I believe in the science of attention.

Communicate, communicate, communicate with Mistress

My mind reading skills are not 100% accurate.  If you want me to know something, I need you to communicate with me.  Don’t get frustrated; communicate and then you too will have my full attentnion.

“Anyone who has ever exchanged e-mails, or done phone sessions, or personal training with Ms. Olivia knows how absolutely amazing it is to have Her full attention! Why would anyone want anything else? Thank you Ms. Olivia for always giving us your very best.”

Now, back to the sexy!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Lover of hot wife likes to humiliate you

Does your wife’s lover like to humiliate you?

Listen to me humiliate you with my silky voice reading you this blog post.

There is one man who has an amazingly hot wife.  SHE has a lover who is a young stud.  Awwww.  How humiliating. But wait, there’s more.

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Tease and denial games

I love games especially tease and denial games

Listen to my voice give you tease and denial instructions.

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Your feminization by Mistress

Why have a Mistress for your feminization?

Listen to Mistress talk about your feminization journey.

The most obvious reason is to have a friend with you.  We both know that there are very different ways a cisgendered woman views a crossdresser or sissy.  It not easy to talk to your partner about cross-dressing.  This . . . → Read More: Your feminization by Mistress

New to LDW Mistress phone sex

LDW Mistress phone sex is unique

Listen to my Mistress voice tell you about the difference in LDW Group phone sex.

I love when I get a new caller who is thrilled with our style and attitude.  Did you know we have a Help Desk staffed by a lovely cock concierge?  You can ask . . . → Read More: New to LDW Mistress phone sex