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Perfect outfit for a sissy cock sucker

What should a sissy cock sucker wear?Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Listen to this sissy audio.

This is part 2 of the interview with a sissy cock sucker!

Feathers and pink lip gloss are a perfect outfit for a sissy!

While she started off in the closet … she has since strutted her sissy ass out of the closet and sucked cock!

Not all panty wearing guys who are cock suckers are sissies.  Just like not all men who like giving a blow job are gay.  When Candy first sucked cock, her guy loved it and humiliated the sissy.  Here’s what he said:

“Suck it you little faggot.  Suck it you little bitch.”

And, Candy IS a little bitch for any man with a nice, hard, thick, big cock!  You see, Candy and I have a lot in common … we are BOTH size QUEENS.  We both love sexy lingerie and big cocks!

Suck the cock, slut!

I love it when that sissy tells me how she “spreads my lips over that big, thick mushroom head.”  She makes me smile when she talks about “moving my tongue all around his dick.”  Oh yeah, it’s the best when she says:

“Look at me” that’s what a cocksucking faggot says …. look at meeeee……
I need some cock and cum!”

Oh good sissy!

Now, when you make cummies on my shoes I want you to lick it off, like a naughty sissy.  After all, sissy needs cummies to keep up her …. ahem …. strength!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Ms Olivia and sex in a virtual world

What is a virtual world?

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What makes a damn good cock sucker

What makes a great cock sucker?

Listen to this audio about the enthusiastic cock sucker.

Four broad categories of people have great tips on sucking cock.  The categories are : sex workers, gay men, sissies or fairy queen faggots!  Personally I think knowledge of dicks only gets better with cock after cock after cock.

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Femme girly girls: masturbate like a woman

Dedicated to femme crossdresser and sissy friends

Listen to this audio for femme girly girls who masturbate like a woman.

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Our stroke club

Ms Olivia says he gets to join our Stroke Club.

Listen to this as a free tease and denial audio.

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