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It’s not easy to be a cuckold

Ms Olivia and the cuckoldThe cuckold dilemma

Listen to me read you this cuckold blog post.

I talk with a lot of people.  I love it when someone calls with a cuckold confession.  Oh sure, it can be super hot and sexy but other times it’s serious.  Some men find this erotic play emotionally difficult.  Make no mistake, it isn’t “easy” when your wife tells you that you can’t provide the sexual release she needs.  You might have pretended that things are fine in that department, but when she needs someone other than you — you have to face the fact that you don’t measure up as a man.  Being a cuckold is humiliating … and yet, you are here because it is also exciting.

You do want your hot wife happy.

Your wife or your girlfriend.  The woman you love.  The woman who might even love you.  How do you feel when she says she needs to have a lover or a variety of lovers.  Maybe you have a small penis.  Does penis size matter?  Short (literally) answer — YES IT DOES!  But, that’s not all.  Maybe you are a quick shooter and cum so fast you’re barely inside her.  Whatever the reason and even if you know the reason is accurate, it can hurt to be turned into a cuckold.

Tell Mistress how you feel

How did you feel the first time she made you her cuckold?  I know there are lots of feelings swirling around.  Tell Me about the conflicting emotions because part of the conflict is the fact that it is also arousing….your dick, no matter how small, is rock hard isn’t it?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


People put in a chastity device

The chastity cage

Listen to me read you this chastity blog post.

When you’re interested in wearing a cock cage, you will need to get a device.  There are lots of options.  Locking up a penis is quite popular!  ~laughs~  People go into this for various reasons.

male submissive

For some, it is a . . . → Read More: People put in a chastity device

Always meant to be a sissy

Did you always suspect you were meant to be a sissy?

Listen to me read you this blog post about being a sissy.

Sometimes you suspect what you are and perhaps need feminization from a Mistress to get you there.  Other times you turn to a Mistress like a coach.  You KNOW you need . . . → Read More: Always meant to be a sissy

Confessions of a cum eater

Interview with a man who is dedicated to eating cum

Listen to me read you this cum eating blog post.

I love talking to YOU about how, why and where you began your naughty and/or kinky journey and cum eaters are no exception. There are so many options for those of you excited . . . → Read More: Confessions of a cum eater

kinky, submissive or just adventurous

Are you truly kinky?

Listen to me read you this Experienced Mistress blog post.

You might be like me.  For years I thought I was adventurous and sexually curious.  When I got into the fetish scene, the BDsm players automatically assumed I would be submissive (since I am female).  I’ll admit, I didn’t know . . . → Read More: kinky, submissive or just adventurous