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Surprise benefit of phone sex

phone sex Experienced Mistress OliviaPhone sex surprises

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When I started doing phone sex I got a surprise or two … or three or four or more!  Along the way I’ve heard all sorts of intimate confessions.  Every so often someone asks if I consider phone sex cheating. I certainly have opinions but, since I already know what I think, it’s generally more interesting to hear what YOU think.

Relationships and this Experienced Mistress

I’m not really in the habit of policing the relationships of other people.  That’s just not my nature.  I WILL set boundaries in our relationship, including telling you what IS and IS NOT a phone sex session.  Other than that I’m easy going.  Here’s a bit more about my own personal fetish exploration.  I can’t imagine only having vanilla sex.  This might surprise you, but I also can’t imagine having only fetish sex.

Your wife and phone sex

Like I said, I don’t tend to get involved with your relationship with someone other than me.  I will say that your marriage and our conversations are an apples/oranges kind of thing.   We get VERY close and intimate … in a different way … and our interactions can enhance any “traditional” marriage.

A wonderful crossdressing friend wrote about her experience using phone sex companionship as an outlet for the side of her that is a femme submissive cocksucker and married to a vanilla woman.

” i personally do not believe it is cheating, i look at it more as simply vocalizing my fanatasies.

As a submissive cocksucker who enjoys dressing up, i think it would be damaging to a relationship to not have an outlet for this.i know from experience that simply trying to ignore one’s fanatasies and desires that a partner may not agree with does not work, it it who i am, and being able to “get it out of my system” as needed makes me a better partner in my relationship.

Being dedicated to your partner in real life is what matters most.”

What do you think?  I do know I want you to be dedicated to this Mistress when we’re playing!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Myths about crossdressers

My favorite myths about crossdressers

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cock control instructions

Your cock control by this Experienced Mistress

Listen to my voice give you cock control instructions.

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Locked in chastity and denied

He asked about being locked in chastity

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Gotta have the cock

Here’s a blog ALL about cock!

Listen to me read you this Experienced Mistress blog post.

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