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Sex therapy via phone sex

Do you call phone sex for more than sex?phone sex therapy Mistress Olivia

Listen to me read you this blog post.

Seeing a therapist is pretty much accepted nowadays.  People think of therapy as going to see a life coach.  I think of it as working with a personal trainer; one coaches the body, the other coaches the mind and emotions.  I’ve heard from lots of people who use phone sex as sex therapy.

The Experienced Mistress is not a licensed therapist but I know that my experience and insight acts as a sort of therapeutic release … laughs … yep, I’m talking about the happy ending, unless I tell you to earn your orgasm.

My experience from phone sex

I am a renaissance woman:  smart, funny and kinky.  I probably have more real world insight into the sexual mind of callers than a regular therapist.  The blog is inspired by a comment from an earlier blog post asking Why Does Phone Sex cost so much.

“The Mistresses at LDW are experienced, skilled and incredibly gifted in an extremely rare and specialized field. Their attention is sought and craved by many and for good reason; they provide an outlet where their clients can explore their deepest fantasies safely and effectively.

For many, such as myself, it’s an opportunity to be my truest self, accepted for who I am, treated as I so long to be treated. Finding someone to do this with, at any price, is a real challenge.

Expensive? Consider the cost of an hour with a counselor or therapist. Same idea. Someone to accept you, listen to your deepest secrets and desires, accept and encourage you throughout. I’d call it a bargain. Now if only I could get my insurance to cover it… :)”

Should insurance cover sex?

Hmmmm, you’re on to something.  Actually I think insurance covers viagra! Can you imagine the lobby effort? ~laughs~  Are you having a therapeutic emergency? You know what to do.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

The submissive slut

Are you a submissive slut?

Listen to me read to you in this Experienced Mistress audio.

I ask a phone sex caller to describe himself and he says quickly, “I’m a submissive slut.  I was born this way.”  BUT … he certainly needs some guidance to fully realize his sub role in life.  If . . . → Read More: The submissive slut

CEI cum eating and your girlfriend

Cum eating instructions

Listen to me read you this blog post in this Experienced Mistress audio.

I know a lot of you call phone sex for cum eating instructions.  Take a look at this blog post about how to get the best Femdom fetish phone sex.

One main point of that blog is that, with . . . → Read More: CEI cum eating and your girlfriend

Fetish curiosity

When you explore a fetish

Listen to me read you this blog post.

I got a great question in a blog comment:  “Around what age do you feel most men begin to explore other sexual ideas/new things and why?”  This is the type of Mistress question that I love because it makes me think and . . . → Read More: Fetish curiosity

Surprise benefit of phone sex

Phone sex surprises

Listen to me read you this blog.

When I started doing phone sex I got a surprise or two … or three or four or more!  Along the way I’ve heard all sorts of intimate confessions.  Every so often someone asks if I consider phone sex cheating. I certainly have opinions . . . → Read More: Surprise benefit of phone sex