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What makes a damn good cock sucker

What makes a great cock sucker?

Listen to this audio about the enthusiastic cock sex sissy cock sucker with Experienced Mistress Olivia

Four broad categories of people have great tips on sucking cock.  The categories are : sex workers, gay men, sissies or fairy queen faggots!  Personally I think knowledge of dicks only gets better with cock after cock after cock.

Knowledge is power for the Femdom Mistress who knows your sex secrets. Experience is very important for the sissy slut.  If you’re a sissy, here are some tips for you from a cock sucking expert!  I love to feature people who are the best cock sucker.

Here’s the cock sucking interview

Let me introduce you to Candy the cock sucking Queen!

“Well, I suck cock. ~laughs~ And, I’ve been told I give a fantastic blow job!”

She SAYS she’s closet cock sucker … but this pretty in pink slut wears the naughtiest outfits designed to get more than attention from the men.  What does she wear?

“marabou slippers …

pink wet gloss cock sucking lipstick and plenty of it

it’s all in the lips and the eyes …. you need nice big lashes so you look like a hungry little cock whore.”
Do you want to be the best sissy cock sucker?  More tips in the next post, so keep looking right here.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Femme girly girls: masturbate like a woman

Dedicated to femme crossdresser and sissy friends

Listen to this audio for femme girly girls who masturbate like a woman.

This is for all my lovely lady friends who felt a bit left out when I did the Stroke Club edging series.  All you girly girls, you know I adore you!  Of course I . . . → Read More: Femme girly girls: masturbate like a woman

Our stroke club

Ms Olivia says he gets to join our Stroke Club.

Listen to this as a free tease and denial audio.

I’m Ms Olivia and you can tell from this blog, Experienced Mistress that I’m loving all the playtime with my friend Ms Delia from Beg for Mistress.  We are started our stroke club planning . . . → Read More: Our stroke club

Mistress orders cock stroking

Here’s how I want you to stroke that cock

Listen to my audio of this tease and denial story.

Fans of tease and denial will tell you:  the cock stroking is even more fun than the orgasm.  Ms Delia told you that and now you are learning the truth that cock control is THE way . . . → Read More: Mistress orders cock stroking

Wearing panties for Mistress

Curious about wearing panties for Mistress?

Many of you know that I love to feminize a man.  Sexy lingerie is often way to begin your feminization but wearing panties doesn’t automatically mean you’re feminine.  I’m always cautious about blanket statements and judgments.  We both know that people tend to be multi-faceted and you might . . . → Read More: Wearing panties for Mistress