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Mistress feminizes reluctant sissy

Your reluctant feminization

Mistress Olivia reluctant sissy training

At the beginning of your feminization you have the best time!  You love the clothes and cute fashions.  I decide that I want you even more femme, more girly.  I even decide you’re going to be my sissy bride.

Enjoy the free sissy feminization audio of this Experienced Mistress blog post.

Chastity makes the sissy

Then I notice something troubling: even though the wedding planning is going smoothly I see you slowing down in your feminization.  Your femme training begins to stagnate. This is unacceptable and something must be done to kick start the process.  I think it’s time for sissy chastity to solidify the feminization process!

Strict Mistress feminizes struggling sissy

I wake you early one morning. As you open your eyes, you see the dress hanging on your door.  Today I am a strict Mistress:  dressed in black leather pants with 4″ black patent heels, with a black leather jacket over a black tank top. My hair is piled high showing the diamond stud earrings in my ears.

Busy day for my girly girl

Mistress says, “Get up missy, we have a busy day.”  You look over and realize your lingerie is set out.  You spot that huge, fluffy petticoat from your closet.  I am very stern as I say, “This is punishment day.  I suspect you will enjoy every minute.”

Punishment and training for your feminization

First we head to the salon.  You will have a very …. FULL … day.  I say, “Remember this punishment is for your own good.  You can struggle sissy but you know that Mistress always gets her way.”

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


Thanksgiving Mistress thank you

Thank you from the Experienced Mistress

Listen to me tell you thank you in this audio and scroll down for a bonus sexy video.

Tis the season to revel in gratitude.  Throughout the year I say THANK YOU to special people who touch my heart and now it’s that time again to say this . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Mistress thank you

What is Woman in Charge Femdom

Woman in Charge

Listen to me read you this Femdom blog post.

There are so many terms for kink, fetish and BDsm.  Phone sex is is the perfect venue for fetish curiosity.  Some of the words look interchangeable but it’s important to take a moment to communicate exactly what those words mean to you . . . → Read More: What is Woman in Charge Femdom

Surprise ruined orgasm

What is a ruined orgasm?

Listen this blog in a free audio about the surprise ruined orgasm.

He finds out about the ultimate tease and denial the hard way … literally!  A ruined orgasm is when you are so hard and horny you can’t stop your orgasm … BUT you don’t have your hands . . . → Read More: Surprise ruined orgasm

Hey hey whaddaya say

Teamwork and phone sex

Many of you know I’m a baseball fan.  My team was one and done in the Wild Card; but hope springs eternal for baseball fans.  Come spring training I’ll be back to rooting for the NY Mets.  For now, though, EVERYONE (almost) is cheering for the Cubs!

As I watch . . . → Read More: Hey hey whaddaya say