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Cock Edging: How to edge your cock

Cock edging is funcock control cock edging tease and denial

Listen to my voice in this audio on how to edge your cock.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about tease and denial.  T&D is very popular.  Now I want to take you to the next level of cock edging.  I give a lot of cock control and masturbation instructions.  Now, I want you to do some serious cock edging.

Surfing the edge of orgasm

I want you to practice getting to the edge of your orgasm and then slowly stroking just enough to stay on the edge … but don’t go over the edge.  Don’t cum!  Just surf the edge.  That’s how I see this in my mind’s eye.   Visualize a surfer riding the crest of the wave.  The surfer’s skill is based on how long he or she can surf the edge or ride the wave; one false move and it’s down the funnel or a wipeout!  It’s the same thing with cock edging.

Tips to avoid having an orgasm

Everyone has ideas about what to do if you get to the edge and can’t stop your orgasm.  If you are in a cock control training program with me, I want you to ruin your orgasm.  Otherwise, here is one way to stop before you cum.  This quote is from a stroke pet who is AMAZING !!!

“I had to squeeze my balls really hard to produce intense pain to keep me from going over, as I was fearing the normal muscle tightening would not do it…. In the end I also used cold water only in the shower, directing the waterbeam at my balls.

The constant edging, the 5 hours last night and my Wife draining those 2 lucky winners…. it almost got the best of me, almost!”

Are you ready for some cock edging?

I’m ready for your cock control.  Let’s play!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Feminization and fucking

I’m curious about your feminization

Listen to my voice tell you I am curious about your feminization and fucking.

This is for all of you:  crossdresser, sissy or trans.  When you are in women’s clothing, who do you want to fuck … or if you are more ladylike, who do you want to make . . . → Read More: Feminization and fucking

7 reasons you need to suck cock

Do you want to suck cock but …

Listen to me read you the 7 reasons to suck cock.

The other day I went to a kinky fetish party.  You can read more about how I live the Experienced Mistress fetish lifestyle.  A fetish party is just like any other gathering — there are . . . → Read More: 7 reasons you need to suck cock

Sissy question

I get to hear all your naughty stories doing phone sex.  This is one of my recent favorites.  He tells me:  “My wife is away.  I decide I want my legs waxed so I go into the salon.”  That’s where he gets the sissy question.

I burst out in giggles because I can see . . . → Read More: Sissy question

Unexpected job interview: CFNM

CFNM means clothed female naked male

Listen to the CFNM tease audio.

I own the company.  You are coming in for a job interview, CFNM style.  This interview will be for a very special position with my company.  If you are hired, you will be my special assistant.  The vetting process determines just how . . . → Read More: Unexpected job interview: CFNM