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cock control and chastity

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Each of you will have a different take on cock control.  The common element of any tease and denial scenario is that you don’t have control — you are not in charge of your basic sexual self, your ability to have an orgasm. There are a bunch of fantastic chastity interviews by the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance.  Here’s my Mistress interview on keeping you cock locked.

BEG.  No really BEG FOR ME!

Personally, I like the begging.  No matter how long is a LONG TIME for you I promise you that you will be begging.  Something like this brings a smile to my face:
“Ohhh.     I need PUSSY soooo badly!     Please help me!!!!!!!!”

Control and submission

 Being a submissive means that you enjoy power exchange.  These scenes almost always include tease and denial — and control of when you get to have an orgasm.  Here’s a wonderful description from a chastity slave.
“Chastity for me is giving up the control of my orgasms and willingly give that power to someone else. I love chastity and being submissive to a beautiful female.
“Of course, I have the desire to orgasm and it grows but as the days turn into weeks
“Even though I get more desperate for release the idea of losing the respect of my keyholder is definitely more.  Being a submissive male, I want a strong, dominant and confident woman to take control of me. She knows what is best for me, and protects me.”

the relationship between Mistress and submissive

I thrill when I am in charge … that is my Domme space.  YOU also get to have a sort of erotic vacation and your own sense of fulfillment.  Something like this:
“To have the burden of alpha lifted from me and my main purpose is to please my Mistress is a true gift.
“I love to make her happy and want nothing more to please her.”

Please your Mistress

How can you please me?  Let me count the ways.
Your Experienced Mistress,
Ms Olivia

THANK YOU to everyone for our anniversary celebration

Get ready there’s a lot of gratitude coming your way

LDW Group … is made up of people who care.  We care about one another, and we care about you.  Ms. Ally, the Head Mistress knows that actions speak louder than words and you’ve seen that during the anniversary celebrations in November.  It’s our way . . . → Read More: THANK YOU to everyone for our anniversary celebration


Back by popular demand this THURSDAY

You get 15 minutes FREE PHONE SEX with the Mistress of your choice on THURSDAY ONLY.  This rounds out our epic 15 years Anniversary celebration.


I will be available from:

7 am EST —  7 pm EST

Simple eligibility requirements

If you have made 15 calls . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX Thursday

Two Mistress Tuesday: you need this freebie

This is a rare 2 for 1 offer

Here are the specifics:

On Tuesday, November 28th, all two Mistress calls will be available for the price of a 1 mistress call. Double your fun, add a second Mistress to your call!

Why do you get this sexy event?

First, it’s fun for us.  I personally . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Tuesday: you need this freebie

What no one tells you about your fetish

I thought my fetish desires were only about sex

Listen to my voice as I read you this sexy blog post.

If you think this same thing, then you are not alone.  I suspect that most people think of erotic pleasure as something “away” from “real life.”  The “separate” aspect often comes into play . . . → Read More: What no one tells you about your fetish