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BDsm in a virtual world

What is real BDsm?

Listen to me tell you about BDsm in second life.

BDsm in Second Life Enchantrix EmpireHave you joined us in our exciting options of virtual world phone sex?  I admit, I had my doubts about what sex would look like or feel like in second life.  As a visual person, I can tell you 3D sex is AMAZING !!!  You can join us in our virtual world or you can simply enjoy the photos and stories on my blog.

While the sex is billed as fantasy, the BDsm experience is very real.  If you’re a submissive you WILL get into sub space.  The sensations and the emotions are real.  This is why it should matter to you that your Mistress has real life fetish experience if you’re exploring some intense kink play.  Intense BDsm is high level fetish play.

Mistress versus Woman in ChargeFemdom in Second Life CFNM

I’m NOT saying the less extreme experiences are less emotionally intense … I’m just saying something like CBT, cock and ball torment, is best done with someone who knows how to make you gasp with pain … but still keep you safe.   Second life BDsm is no different than when we’re on the phone.  There are whips, paddles, bondage crosses, all sorts of equipment with all sorts of hot animations.

Second Life is just like real life in many ways

There are ways that Second Life will be different.  YOU will be an avatar.  I will be an avatar but we can still hear voice to voice.  The difference is that you will SEE what I’m telling you.  Are you ready to explore?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


Tell your partner about crossdressing

Talking about crossdressing

Listen to me read you this crossdressing audio.

Have you told your partner that you like to wear women’s lingerie?  Or, do you keep quiet about your love of the silky panties?  For some of you, your crossdressing only comes out to play when you are on travel.  Others of you have . . . → Read More: Tell your partner about crossdressing

Lube up that slippery cock

Do you like lube?

Listen to my voice as your cock gets hard and slippery.

When I’m doing guided masturbation sessions I will always ask a new caller: “Are you a lube guy or a dry stroke guy?”  There are some cock stroking moves that are just fine without lotion and other moves that . . . → Read More: Lube up that slippery cock

Loving a crossdresser

Acceptance as a crossdresser

Listen to my voice tell you about acceptance as a crossdresser.

Do you yearn for acceptance when you are en femme?  If so, then you’re not alone.  For the crossdresser who wants to share the experience with a woman, this is always the dilemma, isn’t it?  When do you tell . . . → Read More: Loving a crossdresser

Worship my body in a virtual world

Body worship in a virtual world

Listen to my voice tell you about sex in a virtual world.

Imagine … you are with me in a virtual world.  Your sexy avatar gets to interact in real time with my sexy avatar.  We are connecting on so many levels, in so many ways.  This is . . . → Read More: Worship my body in a virtual world