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Gotta have the cock

cock sucking with Experienced Mistress OliviaHere’s a blog ALL about cock!

Listen to me read you this Experienced Mistress blog post.

It’s penis time! ~laughs~  Some of you yearn for cock but your aren’t turned on by the guy.  For you, you don’t identify as bi or gay.  It’s not about a coerced bi or manipulated gay fantasy experience.  It’s all about the penis. Maybe you even compartmentalize your sexual desires.  This is especially true for the man who wants to suck a dick.

Thoughts of cock sucking

Does being on your knees sucking a big dick make your balls ache?  Maybe you call phone sex and first talk about Mistress wearing a strap on for you to suck. And then, when you hear Mistress instructions, you get even more horny.  Instructions like this: nope you don’t get to cum yet, stroke and edge some more for Mistress.  Do your balls fill and ache and you confess just how much you want to suck a cock?

About the cock, not the guy

If you are THIS phone sex caller it’s never about the guy attached to the penis.  You don’t want to hear that the man is hot or muscular or sexy.  You might want to hear that he is superior to you but you don’t dream of a relationship with a man.  You just want to hear a woman entice you to do whatever she says.  I think this is the ultimate act of control for a Femdom:  Making a man suck another man’s cock, feel the orgasm spasm and accept the cum.

You WILL do it, if Mistress tells you to do it.  Won’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia



Gender and sexuality

Do you have fluid sexuality?

Listen to me read you this blog post about gender.

There are so many terms of expressing gender, sexual expression, erotic pleasure.  I’m not going to get into the gender terms morass but I will say this, I like that there are more ways to talk about gender.  If . . . → Read More: Gender and sexuality

CEI cum eating instructions from Mistress

Hot load of cum

Listen to me read you this cum eating blog post.

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When your real life partner rejects your sex fetish

What is your fetish?

Listen to me read you this sex fetish blog.

Do you have a sex secret?  I know you do.  And, maybe the more important question is … how do you scratch that sexual itch?  If you’re like most people, you don’t need “it” (whatever it is) all the time … . . . → Read More: When your real life partner rejects your sex fetish

Cuckold feelings and frustration

Cuckold feelings

Listen to me read you this cuckold blog post.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve posted compassionate posts about the poor guys who are under endowed.  By that I mean the guy with a small penis and therefore on the losing end of the sexual side of life.

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