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Searching for your phone sex playmate.

Phone sex is just like real life relationships in that you (and I) intuitively know when we’re a good fit together.  You can probably tell on the blog that I’m easy going and an experienced Mistress.  I connect with the vast majority of people and I enjoy the variety of sexual fantasies that we do here.

How to connect with your potential Mistress before a session

There are so many ways to do this.  Reading blogs is one way to get a feel for a potential partner.  Another way is to listen to her audios.  We have two sites with tons of free erotic audios — Tease Mania has lots of variety and Get Girlie is more geared to crossdressers and sissies (still with lots of variety).

Don’t be shy about emailing Me with your specific erotic interests, needs and fantasies.  You can also ask questions via email or on My blog.  My email is olivia AT — please note that once you start cybering I will ask for a session to get age verification on you.  I’m more than willing to help you set up your session though.

You know it when you see or hear it

Here’s an example of one email and you can use this as a sample, if you like,  of your email to Me.

I’ve known myself as a submissive for the past (( X )) years.

I don’t know why, but I keep finding myself drawn back to your page, photos and voice laced with dual intentions…

I’m trying to find a good fit for my submissive mental make-up, and have been bouncing around various “control”, Dom/sub sites recently to hopefully discover someone I have really good chemistry with in relation to the interests below.

HE LISTS HIS INTERESTS but he doesn’t cyber…there’s a subtle difference but I know it when I see it (and, I suspect, so do you ~smiles~).

(( He wants to CONFESS and explore new fetish interests.))  Over the years, while I’ve witnessed the natural change and evolution of these interests, there are a few select fetishes I’ve honed and remained steadfast with in that time.  The following should summarize my “buttons” in a nutshell:

Does that help you?  Some of you aren’t shy about what you want so this is more of a guide to those who are curious and need a place to start your playtime with the Experienced Mistress.

Ms Olivia